Alla tavola della Principessa Costanza

Alla tavola della Principessa Costanza. The most beautiful medieval pageants

Created in 1994 by the Proloco di Teggiano, Alla tavola della Principessa Costanza, is among the most beatiful medieval pageants in Italy. The events is held around the middle of august and take place in the magnificent setting of Teggiano and Castello Macchiaroli. Three full days of artists performances, from the procession in medieval costumes of Prince Antonello Sanseverino and Costanza and their cortege, the city council which celebrated their wedding, to the assault and siege of the Castle from King Fredrick of Aragona.

Every year almost forty thousands visitors arrive in Teggiano from all over Italy to live this wonderful medieval experience.

During the event everything goes back to medieval times, Teggiano is one of the town, of the Campania region, that better preserves the medieval tradition of this area, walking in the streets you can find the ancient craftsmanship: the locksmith, the mints -smith, the Goldsmith, the glassmaker, the leather – smith, the farrier and many more. A cultural heritage, which is fading away in the very day life, in those days of festivity goes back to life.

In those days you can enjoy delicious medieval cuisine with dishes served in the reminiscent taverns paying with ‘medieval’ coins: the Crowned, worth 5 euros, the Duchy, worth € 4, Tari, worth 2 euros and Tornese, worth 1 Euro.

The historical cortege

The events Alla tavola della Principessa Costanza starts with the reenactment of the visit to Teggiano, back in 1481, of Costanza di Montefeltro, daughter of Frederick, Duke of Urbino who had married the previous year Antonello Sanseverino Prince of Salerno and lord of Diano. The visit had such a great importance in the State of Diano, to the point that all municipalities contributed to organizing the celebrations. The cortege begins with Antonello and Costanza rigorously in costume, starts from the Castello Macchiaroli and proceeds towards the ancient city council, which at the time gave the permission to the marriage between Antonello and Costanza. In addition to the cortege there are performances of flag-wavers, tamburine, minstrels, jugglers and other historical figures.

The city council

Once arrived to the City Council, the open gallery at the intersection between the Cardo and the Decumano, the historical cortege of Alla tavola della Principessa Costanza  stops to assist to another historical reenactment. The city counsil which back in 1480 authorised the wedding between Antonello and Costanza. Here, around a stone table, in the presence of the Prince and Princess, is held the cerimony of the authorities of the Universitas.

Followed by the Candle’s carousel and the Palio dei Casali. This is a competition between the ‘casali’ belongings to the State of Diano in 1480, with representatives of the municipalities of Teggiano, San Pietro al Tanagro, Sant’Arsenio, San Rufo, Sassano and Monte San Giacomo.

4a edizione del Concorso Fotografico “Alla Tavola della Principessa Costanza”

The castello macchiaroli siege

Around midnight Alla tavola della Principessa Costanza reaches its climax with the assault at the Castle. This is the reenactment of the siege that the castle had to face in 1497. Antonello chose the castle as his last defence after rebelling and plot a conspiracy against Frederick d’Aragona, King of Naples. The Castello Macchiaroli proved impregnable for about two months against an army of 20,000 infantry and Knights, it was only the onset of another military army contingent at the command of Gonsalvo Fernandez de Cordoba that forced the Prince Antonello to surrend. During the re-enactment, the castle is literally besieged, about 150 between medieval solgers and arms represent perfectly into details the assault and the siege. The event ends with a stunning Fireworks display.