Under the amazing atmosphere of the star lit sky, the castle is the perfect scenary for theatrical performances and concerts. Over the years, the location has hosted high-profile artists including Luca De Filippo, Mario Shoe, Gino Rivieccio, Fiorella Mannoia, and many others. The famous Teggiano Jazz festival, an ensemble of concerts and music workshops. The wide open space, a perfect location for performances in spring and summer, accommodates up to 500 people. The Castle Macchiaroli is an ideal place not only for concerts and theatrical performances, but for cultural events as well. Over the years has welcomed very prestigious exhibitions under the patronage of the Presidency of the Italian Republic such as, Giacomo Leopardi, the life the places the works, exhibition visited by over 100,000 visitors. The ‘sbarco’ at Salerno, Odette Nicoletti costumes of the play by Donizetti, Teggiano antiquaria, exhibition of antiques and collectibles and “at the table of Princess Constance”, one of the most beautiful medieval festivals in Italy.